Would you date someone to get over someone else or wait around until you fell for someone else, or pine for someone until they make a move?

Guy A: known for 6 years and feelings for 6 months, sends mixed signals.
Guy B: random guy who says he likes you but doesn't show it very often.
Guy C: future guy who may like you and who you may eventually fall for.

Which would you choose, or what would you do?


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  • "wait around until you fell for someone else"

    This is always best.


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  • I would first see how guy A feels about taking the friendship to the next level, as you both have known each other for a long time. Some of the best, lasting relationships can result from friendships. If you're getting hints about further feelings, try and take it a step further and see how he feels about relationship with you.

    I would forget about guy B, he doesn't sounds significant in your life and since he's a random person to you, he probably is only crushing on you right now, which could very well change. I wouldn't take that chance with him.

    It's completely up to you, but if things with guy A doesn't work out, then don't just settle on some random guy. Wait for the right one, someone you feel emotionally and physically connected with to walk into your life, and give you exactly what you have been searching for. Take time to get over someone, and don't rush things. Letting things happen as they're meant to, and letting them fall into place is probably better for you than jumping into a relationship you're not happy with. Which can only make things even more difficult.


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