Is it normal to feel butterflies in your stomach or being nervous?

When you are or see the guy you like but you know the guy is not meant to have a serious relationship with you only enjoy having you as a friend? How to act normal as a friend not as a woman who likes this guy when you are with him? I mean I dont want to show im being nervous or act dumb I want to act normal as I behave normal with other friends I have.

There is this guy I met 2 years ago at a family trip, in a matter of hours we broke the ice so easily, something that in my personal case rarely happens but it was different with this guy. This guy knows my family as he is the BFF of my male cousin for like more than 20 years. So back then at the trip we got along well, we joke etc. After the trip we manage to continue contacting each other over text, he is a bit of a teaser as he as any man enjoys to look at pretty ladies and jokes about it with his friend (my cousin) you know normal men behavior. Well that was 2 years ago and 2 years ago we manage to go on a first date that ended up in both making out very nice, we even hugged tight. After that first date, we manage to talk about going out again but that never happened anyway. Things happened after the first date that like he blew me off in some way saying he was not into a relationship only to be friends , but then last year in February he suffered a terrible motorcycle accident that could have killed him and he broke coccyx,, pelvis, fibula and perone and I wish him well, even if we were no longer in speaking terms but he thanked me for it. Then due to his accident I tried to a friendly gesture but he took it as a different direction like I was pursuing him or something so we once again stopped texting eahc other and that was last year in July.

Last Sunday I saw this guy again and it was totally unexpected, I never imagine I will ever see him again probably until April, but I wa s not even sure if I will see him in April. The thing was I saw him again due to my cousin (his best friend) birthday celebration and my cousin invited him to join the family activity. When I saw the guy again once again I felt nervous and butterfiles in my stomach but not only that but the guy treated me like he never blew me off and acted normal again with me
in fact my cousin who is a joker and a teaser joked with me on some things and the guy also teased me too. The guy again asked me things as he was even teasing me or interested I could not understand really his signs once again bit confusing


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  • Yes, that feeling is normal... I get it when I know I am going to see the girl I like.

    You say he blew you off when you did a friendly gesture, what are the details of that?

    • Ohh is a long story the history between this guy and myself I can elaborate if you want

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    • Maybe on private? I try to make a synopsis of the issue

    • Sure, send me a follow request so you can message me.

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  • If the last time you talked was last year in July, you need to move on because it's not even worth it.

    • I talked to him I mean text him in July when he told me he wanted to be only friends. But I ran into him again last Sunday after not seeing him physically for 2 years but the last time we texted each other was July of last year. I saw him last Sunday for a realtive celebration and he was invited. I did not expect him to see him or even him coming, it was a total surprise. And once again he was all nice with me, teased me and joked with me and talk l lie he never mentioned me he just want to be friends I guess that is what he wants with me only to be friends, so I be that.

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