Why would a guy get with his best friends sister?

To cut a long story short my brothers best friend and I ended up having a bit of fun he pulled me in for and cuddle in his bed and nd kissed me we were both quite drunk but had sobered up. We both kept saying this is so bad we shouldn't but continued. The next night the same thing happened.
He said he had wanted it for a while but then said we should stop he was too scared my brother would find out.
On a night out one night I ended up laughing with this other guy nothing serious and my brothers friend didn't seem to care which was grand because I didn't mind if got with someone else. But then he got kind of jealous and when we got him he told me he really wanted to get with me again so we did. He even lay on my bed after and kissed during it and stuff. What I wanted to know from the guys here was would you ever risk the friendship with your best friend for something like this or was it something more?


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  • even if your brother is fine with it, something could happen between you and the friend and ruin your family relationship and/or the friendship. it might be too far along to prevent that now, though, because what happens if you pull away?


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  • Personally I'd find it extremely unlikely that I'd ever try to get with my best friends sister, if he had one. I don't think I'd even consider it really, his sister being an automatic no go zone.

  • basically territory, he felt other guy was moving in. meh I'd still bang the chick and if we started dating cool. if me and the brother where best buds why not. just at that point respect needs to come into play because now your dating your bros sis.

  • sounds like he wants more than just fun and personally i would never take the chance of ruining a friendship

    • I would try to make him speak with the girls' brother, but it sounds like too much trouble to try to convince her convince him tell (the other) him.
      Hope that makes sense.

  • maybe because he actually likes her?

    • So you think this sounds like he isn't just after her for a bit of fun?

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  • If he was a decent guy and if he was serious about you, he would have talked to his friend about it before attempting to hook up with you.


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