Why is she trying to get my attention NOW?

I'll try to make this as short as possible!

Well there was this girl at the gym last year where I could've sworn she liked me. We would make eye contact all the time, we would smile at each other and she would ALWAYS walk by me, Like the paths she would take to get to where she was going were so UNNECESSARY. This went on to 2-3 months.

Finally, I grew a pair and went up to her while she was warming up for her workout on the stationary bike. I told her "hey I've noticed you here for the past couple of months and wanted to get to know you better, think I could have our number?" , it's the gym and I know for a fact people hate talking while at the gym so I tried to be direct and to the point.. and she replied "sorry, I would but I have a boyfriend!". And I could just tell she was lying, but I just brushed it off and said "okay no problem, sorry for that, have a good workout!" Left thing at that.

NEVER seen her with a guy, she doesn't have any sign of being I a relationship on social media AND since that day I see her at university every now and then and no boyfriend.

Okay, well now, those few times I've seen her at university it's at the library. I kid you not I feel her staring at me across the room and when I do look up I 9/10 catch her and she quickly turns around! Also, she like abruptly gets up to go to the restroom. By abruptly I mean, she flips her hair and tries walking so feminine like, like exaggerated hip movement, when she's walking back to her seat she does the same thing while looking at my (her thinking I can't see her from the corner of my eye). And all of this happens every time I see her at university.

Usually I would pick these up as signs, but can't trust them with her now lol. And plus, she did reject me so I'm just like "you lost your chance, stop trying so hard".

So why is she trying so hard to get my attention like that? Does she regret rejecting me? Does she like me? Or does she just need an ego boost right now lol.


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  • You are looking too much into it. You have to realize that she is not into you. Let it go. I don't understand why people enjoy fooling themselves.

    • She ended up sucking my dick, I realized I didn't like her as much, now she's friend zoned 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  • Sounds like she finds you super attractive, but had a boyfriend so she rejected you. I think it that you only tried once that getting to her, so yeah I think she wants that ego boost.

    • I don't think she had a boyfriend since I never seen her with one and how girls are now-a-days, he would've been all over her social media lol. And yeah I think you're right, just wants the damn ego boost lol. Girls man..

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    • I have been honestly, like I let her try SO HARD to get my attention but I just ignore it lol! Only way she'll get my to talk to her now is if she comes up to me lmao

    • you should show a little interest just to keep her going, but besides that well done.

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  • She could be shy, and maybe you talking to her out of the blue caught her off guard and she just spoke without thinking. Or she wanted to gather some data about you before deciding. OR she did have a boyfriend.

    Just because you didn't SEE her with him, doesn't means she didn't have one. Also, maybe it was a relationship at distance. Did you stalk her for months, both online and offline, to know for sure she didn't have a bf? And if you did, maybe it's better that you stay away from her.

    • No, not stalk lol. I understand there's plenty of girls out there and the last thing I'm going to do is get oneities lol. But I just thought it was weird that there's no sign of it on social media, oh well. If she's interested she'll come around right? Lol

    • She DID come around... I think. So ask er out again, and she might accept this time. If she doesn't, then move on.

  • yeah she probably really has a boyfriend. it doesn't stop you from being attracted to people, just acting upon it, hopefully.

  • Maybe she just has a boyfriend

  • heartiste.wordpress.com/.../


    You approached her in a candid, too-sincere way. Click those links for a full-fledged theory on what to do instead.

    • she 100% had no boyfriend, and still ogles you.
      But you need a bit of strategy... to allow her do what she wants to do.

    • Wish I would've seen these before! Came off like such a beta lol!

    • It happened to me twice, at 17 and then 21.
      There was no Internet then, and I had no idea what the whole thing was about 😄
      Internet makes things easier

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