Should I dump a guy for being too cheap?

It seems like he always wants me to pay for things he wants me to get such as manicures, brazilian waxes, etc... And he's had to borrow money just to take me out on a weekend getaway. Just today he asked me to call a cab to his house because his car is buried in snow. He didn't even offer to pay for it. I had to to tell him that I didn't have cash and he eventually agreed.

I mean, am I just fooling myself by thinking that this guy truly likes me?


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  • You should stop paying for his things and thoughts, not sure if you should break up over it. If he's shallow he'll even do it for you, and you'll know you were right.

    • what should I do then? I'm confused...

    • Tell him to pay for things he want. Pay for each of your own things and dinners at dates etc. and he'll have to learn to be financially responsible

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  • if he's demanding such primping up from you all the time, like even to the point of demanding manicures, id say he's more interested in having sex with you (having you presentable enough... he's fcusing too much on your looks) than anything else.

    Im sorry to say, but all these things you said raise red flags. Its like he's not exactly liking you for you. so obsessed over your looks... omg.

    • It was just once that he asked me to get a brazilian and a manicure before we went on a weekend getaway. he paid for the brazilian but then asked me to give him $20 afterwards... I mean, what do you think of that?

      He does show that he cares about me in other ways, but I'm just not sure if this is someone who's just too cheap or doesn't care enough, you know?

    • hmm I don't know too. i deffinitely dont like much that he doesn't try dividing the costs. maybe he really is a cheapstake by nature?

      hmm do you know any of his friends? they might help shed some light on it.

      or maybe you could try talking to him about it. although not in an acusatory way. just mention that you noticed he isn't very frugal when it comes to his money. ask him if he's always been like this... see what he says?

      i think its only by talking that u can clear this up

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