Gaaahh it's so annoying?

He tells me he goes to sleep at 11 and now it's almost 1 am and he's still online. Why the hell would he do that? When he's talking to me he always goes to sleep early cause i don't know why and look at his cute little ass now. I probably sound crazy and i won't even deny it, and i know i should trust him and stuff, but i can't stop thinking about what is he doing. What do you guys say?


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  • He might want some space. He likes u but wants to get free from u too sometimes
    Also depends where he is online
    He might chat with others or check some girls out

    • I'm gonna give him the space of a lifetime. Why would he check other girls when he s with me? Jesus

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    • Ok can i be a bitch for 2 seconds? I give him space, enough for a whole damn city to live in, and try to not constantly push and buzz him with texts. I get the whole alone time thing; funny thing, girls have it too. But what kind of alone time is it at 1 in the morning? Is he an owl or something? Damn that felt Good

    • Ok how long has he put you off for

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  • It is

    • He's talking to some other girl, isn't he? That motherfucker

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  • Is he a gamer?

  • He's probably jerking off to porn. Seems pretty obvious to me. How often do you have sex with him? And how horny is he?


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