I have a crush on a guy, and his friends have been staring at me recently... Are they talking about me? Do guys talk about their girl crushes?

We are seniors in a small (er) college. We just met in class this semester, and I don't know him at all but we've talked some. I sense he's more nerdy since most guys are my school are but maybe he isn't. But, he has 2 best friends (I saw by Facebook stalking) who I haven't ever met or talked to. One guy I saw around before and he never looked at me that I noticed. As of the last 2 weeks, I made a small flirty move towards him, I noticed he looks at me in class and sits by me, and he seems awkward around me. Then today at different times I walked past his 2 best friends. One was staring st me from afar while I was in line (or it seemed like he was) and then later on, I walked past his other best friend and he dead lock stared at me even though before when I saw him he never stared at me. We definitely held a stare while we passed each other.

My question is, do you think he talked about me to them?


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  • It's quite possible that he might have talked about you to them.


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