My first date with her lasted 5 hours and now?

We had fun and all, we hugged a romantic hug at the end of the night. I texted her that I enjoyed my time and all she said the same too.

Anyways today, we messaged each other but she didn't seem to talk a lot and she is taking time to respond. Did she lose interest or is she waiting me to ask her for a second date?


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  • Why didn't you kiss her?
    Anyway, if she didn't seem to talk a lot, she has probably started to lose her interest. You could try asking her for a second date, but I am not sure if it will lead to anything.

    • She talks more than me never shut up😂
      I wasn't sure about the kiss if she wants

What Guys Said 2

  • Well, don't diddle daddle on asking her. you don't have to have an interaction with her all the time. she may be busy. don't over think it.

    • It's because I forgot to tell her about another plan at the end of the date.. should I wait to ask her again or what

  • 5 hours is a very long time for a first date , usually they would be under 1 hour

    • So did I messed up or?

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    • @m4363 I think she did enjoyed it because she was laying forward and we touched a lot.. while we were walking she even told me stop walking so fast and teased me about it

    • Then just give it a couple days & contact her. Is if she wants to go out again.

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