Isn't he going to fast for only knowing me a week?

So I work at a warehouse and I've been there for 5 months and I rarely talk to people but there is a few people I engage in conversation with.
Yesterday my team leader put me beside a guy that has been at my job for twelve years and some how we started talking and we eventually talked the whole twelve hour shift we laughed talked about life, family, food, and other coworkers. We got on the subject of phones and I said I rarely text people and he asked for my number so
I have it to him (I didn't think he was going to text me ) . When the shift was over he walked with me outside and opened the door for me. And when I got home he actually texted me and gave me a few compliments and today he admitted that he liked me... so I asked him how could you like me after only talking to me one day and he said he liked talking to me and I seem cool...
While we are at work he calls me his buddy and friend and say we're cool but over text he calls me sweetie and beautiful and also he has asked for me to send him a selfie of my face twice. He asks me about my boyfriend (even though I don't have one). Like today he asked me does my boyfriend take me to work. He opens doors for me and walks me to my table etc. also he has brought me food twice
Tl:dr; I think he has a little crush on me but he says he likes me so I don't want to rush anything. While texting I notice he calls me sweetie , beautiful , he asked could he cuddle me and wants a hug from me so I don't know yet , But how can a person like you after one conversation especially when he is 11 years older than me and barely knows me


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  • Lol that's not fast at all. He obviously likes you and asks about your boyfriend to see if you have one. He's interested in you. He likes you because you made a great first impression.


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