How long should you wait for boyfriend before you know it's over?

Boyfriend and I got in a huge fight because he thought I had feelings for my ex. I tried to explain to him that i only wanted him and tried to explain why ex and I broke up. Why he's a much better guy.

He said "I'm done and can't take it anymore" and ignored my messages after that. It's been 3 days.

Is it over?

Ex and I became friends after our relationship ended. We realized it would be better to be friends because we didn't work as a couple. I asked him not to try talk to my sister and he did anyways. (I would rather keep friends and siblings separate). boyfriend assumed that meant I had feelings for the ex.


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  • That's impossible. You can't just argue once about the situation. There's more to this story. Guys don't just break up over a 1 time thing. You must of did something wrong or he assumed. What did you do before the arguments, where still texting and hanging out with your ex?

    • Well the ex and I became friends. I got mad at him when he tried hitting on my sister even though I asked him not to. Boyfriend assumed that meant I still had feelings for my ex.

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    • He finally responded saying we'll talk about it.

    • See little patience goes a long way. See how it goes from there.

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  • When you both can explain or when you saw him with someone else.

    • He lives like half an hour away so our meetings are usually intentional. Should I contact him?

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    • He ignorned my calls/texts.

    • Don't call him for a few days and call him back after. if he's angry better for him to take a little break without saw your name on his phone.

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  • I don't know possibly, but probably not completely. Try to call him and tell him how you feel about him. If you can't get a hold of him, then ask one of his friends to talk to him.

  • 3 weeks 1 day 4 hours 15 minute 6 second 92 milliseconds


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