How to a get a guy to notice me?

Hi all! There's this guy that I'm into (physical attraction is there) but we haven't really talked. I want to get to know him better!! We go to different schools, but our siblings are friends and we follow each other on social media. How do I get him to contact/notice me? any insight is appreciated... thanks!

Ps I'm a year younger than him... does that matter?


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  • age definitely shouldn't matter! and I'd definitely introduce yourself and start messaging one another to get to know him.

    then hopefully if things go well you could start hanging out in person. :)

    good luck!

    • Do I just message him first? Or is an introduction in person probably necessary before messaging... thanks!

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    • Awesome... thanks so much!!

    • good luck :)

  • In the same room as him, go to the corner quietly, then start throwing pieces of bread at him and whispering "hey" "heeeeey" "heeeeyyyyyu" then scream "HEEEEEEEEYYY" ; he will notice you.

    About the age gap don't worry, it's totally fine.


What Girls Said 1

  • You could try getting to know him better with the help of your sibling. Or you could initiate talking to him on social media.
    It doesn't matter that you are a year younger than him


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