Is it wrong to ask a guy if he is seeing others?

I have been going out with an amazing guy for the last 3 months. In the beginning we had said that if we were to want to see others we would let each other know.
I believe I have made the mistake in asking him again if he was interested in dating other people. He said no & asked me why I would ask. I told him that I needed clarification and that I was wanting to make sure that this is what he wanted. I told him I was not seeing anyone and that I am truly happy with him and feel that we really connect
Guys did I make a big mistake here?


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  • You made no mistake. In a relationship, communication is so important and if a guy is troubled by the fact that you can ask a question, he is not mature enough to open up and have a communication with you.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I feel a little bit more relieved. I also feel that communication is so important in any relationship.

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