Caught him in a big lie, but do I tell him I know?

This guy I've been seeing told me he got tickets from his friend to go to this event this past weekend. He texted me last week saying, "guess where I'm going this weekend?" And he told me. He knows it's my kind of thing and I jokingly said "so you're inviting me right? Or just rubbing it in my face lol" he said he'd take me in a heartbeat if he could. I was thinking he must be going with the guy who got tickets and I know they're expensive. I told him have fun and send me pics and didn't really talk about it anymore. No pics the whole weekend. He texted me the following Monday saying how it was great but he thought about me all weekend and he has got to take me one day. He said he wished I was there with him so bad. Well I get on good old fb and see if he posted pics. (We aren't friends on fb because I deactivated mine for the last year or so but I do get on every once in a while). There was a check in from his friend tagging him and a girl. I look at her profile and there are several pics of him with her. Like just them. Upon further stalking... her relationship status says married. I look at more pics... she's married to HIM. I haven't done anything yet and acted normal. He texted me again today normal stuff. He texts me good morning everyday since we've been seeing each other for roughly 4 months. Never had sex thank god. Do I even confront him? Or just be done. There's nothing he could say to me to make it ok or try to explain himself. I thought about sending him something along these lines "going to take me one day? Like when you're divorced? Or are you just going to lie to your wife and make us both fools?"


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  • you should really confront him and also tell his wife and as a proof you have text messages believe me they are enough


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  • I would confront him first, then leave him. I would also tell his wife he was having an affair with you. She deserves to know her husband was cheating on her

    • God. I really don't want the drama. What if he lies and says I'm some dirty slut or something. Only proof I have are text messages.

    • I would just leave then if you want to avoid him. Please tell his wife though. I won't tell you what to do because it's your choice but if I were the wife I would want to know if I was being lied to and cheated on

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  • "upon further stalking" XD lmao i love it. but no if you really want to mess things up for him then take a picture of you 2 kissing and send it to his wife LMAO

    • I'm really hurt. I feel embarassed like he thinks I'm a loser or something. I feel like a big joke. He obviously doesn't care and I'd possibly embarrass myself further. But I do want his wife to know because he is def not a good husband. I've stalked the shit outta him now and they lost everything in a flood and he's used donated money to buy me very expensive things. I feel awful.

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    • ooooo a southern girl :P but yeah if u need anymore help tryna get this sorted out just message me and ill see what i can do! best of luck to u :D

    • I will. Thanks so much 😊

  • Yes tell him. Don't ever brush it off to the side, communication is key in life


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