Guys, to call him or to leave it and see if he calls?

A guy I'm seeing is usually very consistent with messages and calls. The last week he's suddenly turned inconsistent some days will call or message and other days don't. I sent a message the other day and got a reply 12 hours later the next morning which he seemed normal. I was very polite and nice but shut down the conversation by saying sounds like you had fun! Have a good day :)
haven't heard from him today but he liked my activity on Facebook. I'd like to call but don't know if I should just back off for a bit and let him initiate?
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  • Leave it, if he likes you he'll initiate
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  • He's probably just giving you some space at time to time

  • It is true that if he likes you he'll initiate. But that's also true in reverse. If you like him you'll initiate. It's simple. When people like each other they make an effort to reach out to one another. But people do this funny thing when they get nervous where they throw the burden of facing the fear on the other person pretty much repeatedly placing themselves in a position of passivity waiting to be rescued from loneliness by the brave people of the world forgetting that there are only so many brave people and they all start out afraid.


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