Is he trying to flirt with me?

There's this guy who's kinda cute. He always stare and smile at me. I was sitting next to him today and I ate something gross and I made faces and told him it's gross and he put his hand out and told me I can spit it on his hand. When I pretend I was gonna do so he pulled his hand away. I looked at him with the gross food half way out of my mouth and he smiled/giggled. Was he flirting?


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  • Well I would not say flirting but you two do sound like your close enough to start dating.

    • I don't know if he likes me or not :/

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    • How do I put out a hint? I'm a shy person and I don't want to be too obvious and awkward.

    • Well my advice is that the more you hint the more awkward it is. Cause he won't be sure and you can't be sure that he got it. Just do something or say something obvious enough for him to know.
      Myabe tease that you have not been on a date in a while and have your freind suggest that you two date. Maybe just asking him to get coffee with you. As him to go out and grab lunch with you. Jokingly flirt with him a bit. Tease him that your both so comfortable together that you two should go on a date.
      Make it either official or a light heated tease cause you can back out of a tease.

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  • The whole situation is a little odd, but he might like you.


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  • Nope, nit flirting at all

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