Did I have a right to talk to my old friend who is else my best friend ex gf?

So I thought I should text my best friend ex girlfriend since this on n off thing has been going on for almost 2 years... N in this time he has done nothing with his life but try to win his ex girlfriend back or cry over her. About 1 week ago they started talking again after 7 months of nc. I told my friend who has no job and has dropped out of high school that if he wants any chance to date her again.. Plus have a healthy relationship with her Then he needs to do as I say. 1. Be friends with her, treat her like he treats me and build back truest with her. 2. get his shit together get a car, a job and go back to school. Girls won't go back to a man who has no motivation in life... I don't mean to be harsh but right now my friend is a loser in this girl eye. My friend is 4 and half years younger then me I use to be loser so am hoping he learn, s from my. mitake. When I spoke to is ex girlfriend she had nothing good to say she thinks he's crazy and Is stalking her on social media. I don't know if anything she says is true but I strongly feel. he needs to leave her be before she calls the cop.


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  • Why are you getting involved with that again? I don't see how that's any of your business to get involved in their affairs. I honestly don't understand people like you.

    • I was never involved with it or got myself involved in the past. I was friends with the both of them and they used me as a monkey in the middle. I would tell them I didn't wanna get incolved but they would keep bring me in it weather I like it or not.

    • So after them getting me involved so many times I went this to end and I was right sje threatened to call the cops on my guy friend so did what I thought was right. I just lsten to her didn't say anything to her or judgy

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