Is he ignoring me after I forgot to answer his text?

I've been on one date with this guy so far, and we were arranging the second. He lives in an awkward location and I don't drive, but luckily my auntie (we're a close family) lives near his town. He asked me to come see him on the weekend whilst he looks after his parent's pets and also I was welcome to stay over (due to the distance)

I politely declined, and said I would get back to him if my aunt was okay with me stopping over at hers. She said it was all fine, but due to a busy day yesterday I forgot to get back to him. Just as I was about to message him, he text me: "Is something wrong?" I replied ten minutes later "No everything's fine! I've been to see my Grandpa most of tonight. I'm all good for coming up this weekend by the way, so roll on Saturday! How's your evening?"

So far, I've heard nothing back. He sent me the "What's wrong?" message around 9.00PM.

He's not much of a texter himself as he's usually busy with work, but I was baffled by his message. He drives, but I don't think he knows the effort I'm putting in to see him this Saturday. I've got to get a train and two buses! What is usually a 40 minute car journey is going to take me 3 and a half hours with a suitcase and stay over at a relatives house!!


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  • You know, it sounds like just a misunderstanding between you two. It's totally possible that he thinks you're upset about something and now he's unsure of things but all of these things would be fixed if you two would just spend some time talking on the phone. Early on in a relationship, it's easy to have a misunderstanding because you two are trying to read each other, but if you guys just stop texting for a second and talk on the phone (I know in-person is tough right now), you guys can clear up everything.

    • He replied back middayish the following day. I know he's interested in me, but his texting habits aren't very frequent. As for calling him? The sad truth is that I've not come across a guy who has initiated to talk on the phone in the early stages of dating. All contact is through text so I'm just used to it and grown to prefer it. To be fair, I get nervous talking on the phone to someone new just for a "chat" and would prefer to do that in person until I get to know them more then I would be okay to do that.

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  • I imagine so. He is probably doing it to get back at you.


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