Am I just his Fu*k buddy? Or can this 'relationship ' go anywhere?

I started seeing a guy over a month ago, we text all day everyday, and we met up a few times. The first time we met up was just a drive and then second time was a walk, 3rd time we went to his And we had se, and last week I went to his to watch a movie and we had sex and last night I went to his.. we had sex 😑 he always collects me for 7pm and I'm he for like half 9/10. The last 3 time's.. the minute I. Got there he wants to have sex with me. Then after he puts a film on and watches it, but u don't like movies I get bored half way.. I'd rather be out doing something active outside with him. Is he just using me? He's only out of a 4 year relationship since January.. I did ask him the other day what was he lookin for he said " I'm not looking for a relationship.. I do really like you tho but it's not causal" he's very quite guy.. very shy. I feel like he doesn't try to get to no Me more.. he doesn't ask me questions about my life or anything.. conversation after sex doesn't just flow.. it's hard to get a conversation out of him. The minute the film is over he gets his car keys and shoes on and I'm out the door. Drops me home, I get a little kiss and then it's bye bye. Are we fu*k buddy's? Or can it go somewhere? I don't wanna sound like a weirdo asking him again. Any advice? I do like him he's a lovely guy but he's like the devinci code. I even suggested food with him last week, it never happened. Last night when I got home he texted me and I said " when can I see you again?" He said " I dunno, need to get my assignments done" I felt weird and kinda like disappointed? What is going on here? Help! I'm 24, he's 27.. he does call me beautiful and gorgeous but he always just says like 'that was fun, that was brilliant" after sex, and when I go home he doesn't say anything like thanks for tonight or anything enjoyed being with you? Ugh.. help?


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  • This case are not too simple for do simple things about it.
    I met a lot of people everyday. Here in Brazil, its cool to meet people internet.
    I met one girl who i like to talk, we are funny. Goes to cinema one time, we food in her house 1 time and she slept in my house 2 times. Dont have sex but we do somethings.
    So, we just do this... i like, but i dont think she is the girl for me. Its easy to have disturbated thing because human people haves different things to rule the world, the things... Its hard to talk about.
    So, in your case, im in the "position" of you guy. Its ok if you ask something, everything about this case you have. You are free to ask something without some problem. Its normal! i think you like him presence, sex, etc... but it seems you stay just little confused about this. Remember: dialog is the key. a s k anything. its not a problem!
    Talk about your days, about your case, and thing:
    Is this cool for you? keep doing this... you dont go hurt in final?
    i think he don't want a relationship. He said this, really?
    He dont use DIRECT words for dont hurt you, are so conplicated talk about "i don't want a relationship, but i like sex." He is a gentleman and will never talk this. But i think are the case.
    sorry for my bad English, im Brazillian


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  • Fk buddy


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  • take a step back and see how he reacts your heart will tell u the right thing to do just looking at his reaction

  • looks like you are just using each other for pleasure. x

    • Don't get me wrong, the sex is amazing, I love it.. but I do also want a relationship. I'm at a point now where I do want a relationship again with someone. I miss the partnership.. the laughs.. fun times.. hard times... I do like him but I'm not sure if he's thinking the same

    • Yep, you need to speak to him how you feel. x

  • only there for sex


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