Am I really that much of a temptation that he has to block me on every social media platform? Or am I simply nothing to him?

There's this guy who I have been crazy about for almost a year now. I see him multiple times a week. We used to talk everyday over Snapchat for about three months straight, then it stopped. Over the course of the next 9 months he would continually add me and delete me to talk to me outside of work (where we originally met) on various different social media networks. He will go from ignoring me to giving me loving hugs and holding my hand.
The kicker? He has a girlfriend of 3 years that lives out of state.
Recently he's blocked me on everything after bringing it to his attention yet again that he doesn't get to fuck with my head anymore. I've told him multiple times I like him but he continues to act hot and cold. HELP!!!


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  • Why are you trying to be with someone that has a gf? I don't understand women like you. Why would you want him? You know he cheats. Do you really think he wouldn't do the same to you?


What Girls Said 1

  • He doesn't care that much about you.


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