What do you think of going to the movies for a second or third date?

I think we can all agree that just going to the movies is not a good idea for a first date unless you're also going to be able to talk before or after.
But what do you think about going to the movies for a second or third date? What do you LIKE about it? What do you DISLIKE about it? What ADVICE and TIPS would you give to someone who is about to do this?

What if you have been consistently talking and texting since the first date?


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  • Yea it's a fine idea as long as it's a type of movie you both like. Could always go to dinner/lunch somewhere before or after too


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  • I think it's a good idea for a third date maybe. It would be something else to do and you can enjoy something together and do something cute like hold hands or share popcorn :P The only dislike is that you can't talk face to face but that's what drinks afterwards or dinner before is for :) My only advice is, don't stress! Enjoy every moment on your date <3

    • Thanks, girl! How should I go about the holding hands part?

    • Just keep your hand as close to his seat as possible.. he'll catch the hint ;) Make sure your hand is free.

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  • Third or fourth date yes but not the second one , you're both still getting to know one another and just treading the waters of a potential relationship.

    • Why do you think it isn't a good idea?

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    • Dinner could be had before or after the movie.

    • Hmm... good point , but I'd personally not do the movie date unless things really hit off on the first date.

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  • Third date would be okay, but not the first or second :D i would love it because he might do the - Lets Yawn and put my arm around her - Move and it's so cute... and afterwards there is more material to talk about, depending on the movie you watch, and I noticed when you talk about the movie the conversation wanders to other things as well, like every day situations and it might bring you close to your partner/date :D

    • True! What if the two of them have been consistently texting since the first date?

  • you can go and walk around
    or have a small snack before or after the movies