Does he simply enjoy my company based on these signs? or Am I overthinking our interactions for since september?

He gave me his number to text him instead of us Facebook chatting which we have been doing for about 5 months in early January

- He asks me if I was seeing anyone special during our Christmas break and then I told him no and asked him why he asked he then proceeds to telling me he was simply curious ( In january)

- He then tells me that I’m cute and then proceeds me to ask me my schedule so we could meetup

-He then proceeds to asking me if I want to hang out and talk to him after class and I said sure he then proceeded to saying awesome and I reply telling him I will see him then and Goodnight

- He then cancels and apologizes to me for making me angry as he cannot make it today I then tell him to not worry about it.
- he then texts me and asks me how I'm doing and then asks me if I would like to meetup and study the readings for our class I said yes and we did meetup and talked for a bit before class

- Prior to this he has asked me to study with him in which we did last year

- He has also asked me to drinks before one of our classes in which we talked and drank together

- He has given me hugs three times now everytime we meetup.

- During a final exam in December he kept staring at me and when I caught him he would turn around quickly

- Two weeks ago he texted me asking if I wanted to hangout and discuss our class assignment before class; We did meetup and just chatted for a bit...

- We then proceeded to speaking to one another on the train on our way home and he asked me what I was doing after class- and proceeded to telling me he was going to a buffet with his friends etc.

Hello I would appreciate some advice so I met this guy last year during my fall semester in my first year of university at first we never spoke to one another for about an entire month. And then one day we introduced ourselves and began talking and the next day he added me on Facebook and we would chat once in a while about mainly school things nothing too personal.
He is 22 i'm 20
- He has also texted me twice now if I would like to meetup and discuss our class readings before class in which we have done and we have also been studying together on a weekly basisin which he initiates all the text conversations.


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  • I think that guy is actually interested in you and he's trying to find excuses to talk to you more. I don't think you're overthinking your interactions. I mean, he even told you that he considers you cute. However, are you certain that he is not currently dating other girls?

    • Hello ! Yes I actually believe he is a player as he hangout with other women and at times ignores me if he seats with another girl in our class. So I do not think him seriously ! but was wondering if it might concrete signs of interest or simply friendship :D but Thanks for the advice!!

    • I mean sorry I do not take him seriousl! (typos)

    • I don't think you have anything to fear. He likes you.

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