Not wanting him means: Me valueing myself more or me being arrogant "as if I had to choose"?

So I had a pretty long discussion with my sis about a guy. We both probably want more from each other but then I said "I don't know if I'd like to be in a relationship with him". She got very angry and said I shouldn't act if I had a million options.

At this point I got very angry. Because a long distance relationship is not easy. And my biggest problem is how can i support him when i'm miles away from him? And also, I don't need him once in 7 months. I need him fucking 7 times in a week. I think that's like something you would think of if you love yourself. Because loving yourself means wanting the best for yourself and this doesn't mean that you have to take every guy that you like.

What are your opinions? Do you think it's arrogant? Or would you do the same?


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  • Aren't all girls bisexual? try finding a girl for you. They'd be easier for you to understand since you are one.


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  • Nope, that's not arrogant at all. Your sister is trying to make you compromise about something you're not into. It's none of her business to do so. I think you need to find someone who lives closer to you. Long distance relationships are not for everyone.


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