I can't let guys touch me?

I'm 26, it has been 4 months since my relationship with my boyfriend of 3 years ended. I have dated several guys, and even guys that are considered hot, every time they try to hold my hand or kiss me, I feel repulsed. The only person I want to be hugged and touched by is my ex... has anyone gone through this before?


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  • I went through this after I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years. At least you are putting yourself out there, so don't worry if things don't feel "right" with anyone yet. When you meet someone that makes you feel comfortable to be intimate with is when you'll be ready to move on. It took me almost a year to feel comfortable again, but now I am able to get close with people I like again and it's great!


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  • Yes, recently been going through this. Getting over a breakup is hard. Its like every guy that I have dated I would want him to be like my ex. Its all psychological. My ex was a dick. didn't care about my feelings and used me. But we had good sex. You just need time to heal instead of rushing into a relationship so quickly or even casual sex.

    • Thank you, you're very right. You're gorgeous !

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