Did I do the right thing by letting him go?

I've started talking to someone, he's 26 and im 18. I've met him a couple of times and we've only just done things in the back of his car, like making out and stuff. he's never taken me out or anything and we haven't said we are in a relationship but obviously with the things that we are doing i see it as a relationship, when we text most of the time he's talking about what he wants to do to me next time we meet, he's said before he wants to have sex with me but says if i dont want to then we weont until im ready. i had a feeling he was just after my body because thats all he ever talked about and we only did sexual things with each other, but as this was going on i developed deeper feelings for him but i think that he just wants my body so i had to stop it all because i know it would just break me in the end if all he wanted was my body. also before we met and we were just texting he used to text me a lot but now that we've met he seems to not text me as much and says its because of work but i dont believe that so i told him i wanted to stop talking and he asked me why and said its completely fine if i want to stop talking, its like he didn't even care if i stopped talking to him and he even deleted my number and i didn't even ask him to, he's so quick to just cut me out of his life it makes me think he was using me for my body. another thing he said to me when i said i want to stop talking to him was that our age gap is quite big anyway and that i deserve more than him, but when we first started talking my age wasn't a problem for him he would say age doesn't matter. what do you think? we haven't spoke for a day but he's always viewing my profile, because we started talking on this app so it tells me when he views my profile so why does he keep viewing it? and do you think i did the right thing by letting him go? i stilll have deep feelings for him and im really hurt.


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  • I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time. It sounds to me like he was keeping you a secret. Did he give off any indication that he might be in another relationship/married, because it sounds like that could be a possibility. To answer your question, it does sound like you did the right thing.


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