Friends with benefits but no sex?

I am recovering from abuse and can't handle a relationship. But, I miss being touched affectionately and being close to someone.

I know friends with benefits usually means friends who have sex. But, I am not ready for that. I just want the benefits to mean cuddling and kissing. Will it be hard to find a guy who is open to that?


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  • yesh you can have one of those but it will be hard to find because most guys your age are hormonally challenged and fund it hard to stop unless they have good control over there actions.

    but its cool to have a guy to just hold and hug there is nothing wrong with that and most guys will go for that and not expect anything more if there the right kind if guy.


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  • No, I don't think so. For most people friends with benefits, involves sex as well.


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  • a younger guy perhaps. Maybe other so much with an older guy.


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