Is it ok to date someone whom is younger than you by 4 years of age and grade?

My girlfriend and I have a 4 year difference in age and grade, I'm in high school and she's in middle (U. S), i know my boundaries of what I can and can't do, but is it morally ok to all of you?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • For minors , no it's not okay for a 4 year age gap. A middle schooler and a high schooler are often always at different maturity levels , especially with a 4 year age difference. How old are you?

    • Im 17

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    • Yeah I know my boundaries, bot only is that a jail sentence it's a death sentence in my family

    • In most families that's the case, plus even after jail time you'd have to become a registered sex offender and everyone would know about it. Not worth it.

Most Helpful Guy

  • How old are you guys exactly?
    She could either be 12 years old, then you could be 16 which is pretty fucking weird.
    Or she could be 14 and you could be 18. Which is not AS weird but it's still a little... eh

    • Right in the middle im 17, and she's 13

    • Okay I see. I mean I don't see what a 17 year old would see in a 13 year old. There's such a big maturity difference. But hey that's really up to you, clearly you like her.
      in the states the age of consent is at least 16, so if you were to do anything sexual with her it's illegal. And considering your a 17 year old boy, I'm guessing sex is probably on your mind.

    • I know my boundaries and yes it's on my mind at times, but I have other things in my life that are more important than sex rn, I've stayed abstinssent up to now I can last longer

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What Girls Said 1

  • No it's not okay because the maturity difference is so huge between the ages 13 and 17. I'm more mature than I was I'm December, just a few months ago. I'm a completely different person than I was at 13. The maturity difference is too big and shouldn't be overlooked.


What Guys Said 4

  • your still a kid and growing and learning things but if you already have the right morals in place like it sounds like you do. i think its fine as long as no lines are crossed till your both older because you dont need any headaches from a mistake.

  • personally i like girls that are 12-14 so yes its an OK from me

    • Well I'm 17 and my girlfriend is 13 so similar boat

  • age doesn't matter in love... so keep loving and don't judge according to age

  • Disgusting. Way too significant of a gap at your age.


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