Why can't I quit him? Heart says yes and mind says no?

I have been talking to this guy for a good month now and we were getting pretty flirty and didn't think about the future. He had to move back to his family in another state for work and he told me he couldn't do LDR, even though he likes me a lot, as in his words "I'm falling for you". Between that month of talking he moved back home and we were talking through snapchat. After that his told me he can't do LDR he still treats me the same as he did here, flirty and affectionate, but now I feel like his side chick.

He has talked about me going there and I've told him to come here but money is an issue. We both have to wait a few months before we see each other (I have college, he needs to save). He told me he was terrified to see me again because he was going to fall completely for me, and he didn't want to get his heartbroken. Which leaves me in a tricky place; I can compromise but not sure if he could. He lives 9 hours away from me.

My heart still has hope; I'm a pretty determined person and does whatever I take to get what I want, but my brain is being very realistic, knows it might not happen. So I don't know if I should keep talking to him or leave him, his going to get hurt by the fact I'll be meeting other guys in my life..


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  • You want what you can't have. It's time to move on and let him go. Good Luck


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  • I like someone who played so many mind games. If I am running away, he would come after me like he is deeply into me. When I am angry, he would ask if I am. Get me jealous, and enjoy my reaction. All of this, and including the disappointed times, made me feel what you are feeling: Heart has hope but the mind remains wise.
    My friend reminded me of self respect, and told me to not chase him so much. If he truly likes you, he will man up and be straightforward. He would not hurt you, and then return when he wants to make it all better again, and it only lasts for a minute, a few days, or at most a month before we are back at it again.

    I finally listening to my mind and feel much better. However, I still think of him now and then but not as obsessive as before. My days remain good even if I don't see a message from him. Unlike before, where I would feel sad the whole day.

    Listen to your mind and don't talk to him. Your heart may still carry some hope, but don't let yourself dwell on it.


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