Is possible for a guy to not only want you for sex?

I've dated this guy for awhile and he hasn't done anything like try to strip me. But a lot of people have asked me have and I and my boyfriend had sex before? Is it because he has done it with a lot of girls? Or am I just being paranoid?


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  • I hope I understand your question - you want to know if a guy can want you for things other than sex? Right?

    If that's the case, then that's a definite yes. The best guys are the ones who like you for everything that you are, not just for your private parts. If you and he enjoy doing lots of things together and not just making out, then you've got a keeper, girl!

    If he's as experienced as you think, I'm sure that he will sooner or later make a move. If he's as sensitive as you hope, then he will do it when you are ready and wanting it too!

    Of course, sometimes it's ok for a girl to make the first move when she's ready.


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  • Ummm its possible but he will get around to it eventually if he's not impotent, gay or has some medical or pshyclogical problem... Maybe talk to him about it if you are ready for him, let him know ...communication is the most important thing in a relationship


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  • Oh for sure. I've been with my Boyfriend for 5 months and we haven't had sex yet. He's waiting until I'm ready; he's not going anywhere just because I'm not givin it up. He loves me despite of all that.