How many and what types of special relationships have you had?

I just got out of my third relationship. My first boyfriend was just a one month, middle school relationship that was taken too seriously for what it was. I liked my second boyfriend a lot more than he'd ever even imagine liking me. And my third, though he wasn't my boyfriend, was the first person to really show me what sincere love was. He was also my first time having sex, longest relationship, and probably the absolutely most emotionally invested person I knew. We separated since we knew we couldn't handle a long distance relationship, even if we tried. It was just best.

But I'm heartbroken. I'd love to hear other's processes on falling in love, getting out of love, and starting a new. I honestly feel like I can't be with anyone else (I'll probably get over this, most likely. But the feeling totally eats you up).


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  • I'm in my first right now. It's not really official since it's long distance (we're waiting until we meet to decide if we're compatible irl) but we're something monogamous haha. It's been 9 months and for us long distance is easy. I've never been in a relationship before but I have a feeling this is the one?
    I met him kind of by accident online and from there we really enjoyed talking to each other all day errday and the feeling just grew mutually between us. I don't feel butterflies with him but rather it feels like my best friend (actually my best friend, not "significant other best friend but not really").
    Sorry to hear that you're heartbroken, glad you can rationalize that you'll get over this feeling though. Don't give up :P

    • I think if you've got two people who sincerely like each other, that's a relationship, whether it be super serious or not. You technically have relationships with everyone, but he's significant. I'm happy you two are able to communicate so well! My guy and I weren't so good at being apart.

    • What would happen when you were apart?
      LDR isn't good for everyone. I doubt that if I tried it with someone else it would work out. Both parties have to equally find the wait worth it and put in the effort otherwise it falls apart

    • We barely got in good conversation when he was out of state for two weeks. We just run out of things to talk about and our phrases get repetitive. We're both way too busy with work and school to hold long conversations so we have to be particular about what we actually do talk about. "Sounds fun, babe." is pretty much the only response we can really have when we're apart and trying to explain a moment. I don't know, I've had great long distance friendships! I think my ex (ugh, so sad to call him that) were just very physical and liked talking about very personal things while we were in each others arms as opposed to over texting. The phone was okay, we had a few good phone conversations.

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  • My first relationship was from 14 till I was 18. It was serious but he ended up turning abusive. I thought I'd never get other what he did but I managed. My second boyfriend I went out with for 7 months, wasn't all that serious but I did really like him. My current relationship is my most serious and we've been together nearly 2 years

  • six or seven

  • Oke I first was in love with 11, nothing serious haha Just a few months but it was my first love.
    Than with 15 to 17 I had 4 boyfriends but everyone of them was just a month, one was two months haha but I wasn't really in Love.
    With 19 I than had my first real relationship, but he pushed me into sex and I wasn't ready so I broke up with him.
    Than with 21 I had another relationship but we didn't worked out and I wasn't really that much in love and well a few months ago I started a friends with benefits thing with a Guy and now he is my boyfriend.

    • Don't you wanna Try again? Maybe if you both are so heart broken it could work.
      Long distance is hard but nothing Impossible

    • I think the both of us were at just too different places. He was working a lot so that he could go and travel the world while I just got an internship across the state. We fought and would "break up" at least 2 times in three months. It was never about petty things, thank god, but it was always "you deserve better," or "things are going to change when you leave," or "we should stop now before it's too hard and you're sad by the time you leave." I think we both loved each other a lot in our hearts but weren't in the right place. Hopefully I meet him one day when we're both where we want to be. In the end, though I'm so, so, so sad right now (and I think he's dealing with the same thing), it's better than being upset at each other or slowly growing apart. But thank you for encouraging me! It means the world! All my friends were so quick to say he was an ass.

    • when you both just broke up because of that, than I do believe that there is a chance you both could have managed it.
      Also I'm a strong believer that there is nothing like the right time or place, if both love each other, I believe the time and all doesn't matter, also there is never a right time for something haha
      Anyway I hope for you that you will make it! If you think it's the right thing, than move on and concentrate on your life, at your life goals and stuff that makes you happy!!

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