Why would my ex ask me to hangout and then not follow up o through and ignore me?

So about a month ago my ex said he wanted to discuss "us". He came home this week and asked me when I was free. I gave him dates and times. Eventually he asked me if I would be free Monday or Tuesday as those would be his two only days available. This week is his spring break. But he didn't tell me that till Monday mid afternoon. I said I would make time for him Tuesday. Then Tuesday rolls around and I text him asking him if he wants to meet at place x at this time and don't get any response. I snap chatted him earlier and he hadn't even responded till 5:00 pm. He said he wasn't sure about hanging out because it was his friends bday and they were going to see a movie later at night... I told him if he wanted to hang out, then to call me. He texted me saying "hey is ___😊". I asked him if he was still trying to hang out. Still no response. My ex and I have been good friends for a while so I'm wondering why all of a sudden he is acting like this and not being upfront with me. I thought even as a friend he would have alittle more respect for me even if he had a change of heart. But how could he when he hasn't seen me in a couple months. I don't understand. Can you guys please elaborate for me?


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  • To either get you thinking about him and wanting him back, or to use you as a mental support as he meets another girl. Or maybe has you as a backup?

    In either case, it sounds like you are way too into him and he knows it. Let him chase you, rule #1 for all girls.


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  • Because he happened to change his mind. You need to move on though. Getting involved with your ex again sounds like a recipe for disaster.


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