Guys or girls? Is he ignoring me or just busy? I hate overthinking all the time? Please, any advice is appreciated?

I started dating this guy in January and we agreed we would keep it casual. We've seen each other a couple of times and he is massively busy at work trying to get money to pay for a fairly expensive holiday. He said he did want to see me again but it wouldn't be this week because he is broke. I last text him on Sunday and we were chatting away. I left it till today to send him a text just to give us a break from chatting and to see if he would send one first. We use whatsapp to talk cos it's free. He hasn't been online since early on Monday morning and doesn't really seem that active on any social media. He was on snapchat so I know he would have seen my message. Is he deliberately ignoring me? I doubt I'm the only one he is chatting to on whatsapp to be honest and it's not like him not to be online really. Is he maybe playing games because I left it a few days to text?

Any help would be great!!


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  • Give him one more chance. If he still won't hang out with you and/or if he finds any excuse, give up on him.

    • That's what I was thinking of doing. He hasn't even read my message nor been online so it's just a matter of waiting now

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