Comforting & Affectionate To Cold & Distant?

I have been crushing on this guy for a while now and we haven't ever hung out, but we always talked to each other at school when we had class together. He no longer goes to my school anymore (of course he told me beforehand), but man it sucks 😒. My friend had said that he apparently knew I liked him? No idea how he found out, didn't really give any signs. Once he found out, he never said anything & I didn't find out until three weeks later 😦. He said that he would give us a try if he wasn't switching schools but it would be complicated. He has had a relationship in the past that was long distance, but never worked out. Why didn't he tell me face to face or let me know? (He still doesn't know I know). We were always close and somewhat nervous around each other. Before he left I got his number, we were texting quite a lot, and now he doesn't even reply that often. When he does, he leaves in mid conversation 😩. I miss him so much I just wanna talk with him, I'm trying to but how can I when he takes so long to respond? I know I could make the relationship work, we're still close by... just different schools. Man my thumbs are numb from writing this haha 😂


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  • Sorry, he's moving on. You should too.


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