Is she interested or not after our first date?

Long story short, I have a crush on a girl in my class, asked her out but she flaked on me. After a month she texted me and I asked her out, we arrange a date after class.

On the date she was clearly showing signs of interests by touching her hair, twirling her straw, leaning forward, staring me in the eyes and smiling, etc. She would laugh and smile at my corny stupid jokes and revealed deep issues about her life to me. She even asked if these other 2 girls in our class were just my friends (which they are), and asked that we should all hang out together. But for some reason she never flow with the conversation, never asked me questions, sometimes asking me questions, but whenever I answer, the conversation would die down. I would often have to keep the conversation going so it doesn't die. She suggested to split the bill, and had to leave because one of her girlfriend was in town for spring break. I walked her to her car and gave a hug, and said goodbye.

I have a feeling that she's not interested and see me as more as a friend, should I moved on?


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  • I am sorry, I don't think she is that into you.


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