I don't know what to do?

After weeks of fighting over him saying insensitive things and me being depressed and crazy insecure in the relationship my boyfriend admitted that he doesn't want me around lately but doesn't want to break up either. he's worth the fight and I want us to work but I don't know how to put our relationship back on track! I've tried talking about it but that's not helping too much. I've tried to spice up our love life and he doesn't go for it. It's hard when your depressed and your partner isn't encouraging you. I'm thinking to just give each other space since we've been stuck like glue for months but when we are together there is no problem and when we are apart we can't stand each other. I hope I came across clearly and I want to save my relationship! :(


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  • Some things are beyond saving. Oh... and you weren't that clear. Seems like you are chock full of expectations with a hint of Clingy.
    In your case, i think you should give some space...(keep in mind, this is step one to a break up.. so do it well or it will move on to step 2)
    In his case... not being much of a partner if he doesn't encourage you (to do what though?)... and you aren't being much of a partner by expecting more than he can offer/give.

    • Sorry for not being clear. He makes jokes about leaving me and other women despite me telling him that it's eating away at me and how comfortable I am in the relationship. When I tell him about it he says he doesn't meant them and it's a joke and rarely I'm encouraged that everything is all right afterwards. And you're right I'm asking him to much by being clingy but there's almost so much a person can take of hearing negativity thrown at them

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    • Thank you! This is by far the best advice I've gotten from this page! Basically mimic his own behavior stop acting like a victim and be a savage. Even if what he says hurts brush it off and throw it back without emotion. In return I get a good show, more self value, and a lesson learned for both of us. thank you thank you thank you!

    • I believe my work here is done... another member has been added to the DA... no its not Dumbledore's Army, its Diesel's Army...
      Fuck feminism and MGTOW... just a bunch of people that absolutely refuse to take shit from the other gender. Welcome.

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  • You need to let go and move on. Even if you give him space, I doubt that things are going to be the way they used to in the past. Your partner is losing interest. I am not sure if there is a way to stop that from happening, unless you make lots of compromises


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