If you were involved with your dream woman but for whatever reason could not hang out, go into, spend the night at her place, is that a deal-breaker?

She has cats and he is deathly allergic to cats. That may be the excuse. And he may not know how bad the mess is. I think she's saving the shock of the mess for if she ever wants to break up with him. A mess like that would scare a neat freak.


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  • You mean dating only? Or can't marry her?

    • Negotiable. My friend is seeing this guy. He's a neat freak. She's pretty much a hoarder and her son is way messy and trashes the house. So she doesn't want him seeing at least until the son moves out this summer and she can clean it up better.

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    • @redeyemindtricks That's what I'm trying to tell her.

    • My imagination is taking the worst turns. I'm sort of hoping she'll find a more relaxed sort of a guy. They took a break from each other and their relationship makes me nervous. But they're talking again now. There must be some happy go lucky messy guy who doesn't sweat the small stuff.

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  • So I read some comments. This girl is a horrible housekeeper and is lying to the guy she is seeing? Did I get it right?
    Before you say she isn't lying, she is. She is presenting that she isn't messy by not letting him see that part of her life. Does she think once he loves her that he will be able to look past how gross that is?
    I'm busy, and my house isn't alway 100% but it's never gross and it's never dirty. There is always enough time to clean your house. And to blame it on her son whom she taught to be like that. Eww


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  • I imagine that would be a deal breaker for many men.

    • It does seem sort of irregular. They work it out somehow. When OCD guy sees the hoard, I'm not sure that all hell is not going to break loose. Remember these people are my age, and by this time we're usually pretty stuck in our ways. It's much harder to be flexible.

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