Is she sending me signals?

We don't really know each other well but this is what I've seen so far. I sit a few feet directly to her left in class

1. She's glanced at me a few times secretly, looks away when I look back.
2. Looks sometimes when I'm distracted
3. I talked to her about her glances and she said that "she looks around sometimes." And then kind of rushed out
4. I apologized for making her feel uncomfortable about it and she smiled and blushed the entire conversation (although she wasn't expecting me to apologize so it caught her off guard)
5. She can't hold eye contact with me for more than 2 seconds
6. She instantly smiles when I call her by her name and initiate conversation (but she's very friendly)
7. She doesn't initiate conversation with me. She asked me a question one time she already knew the answer to and did not make any eye contact when I looked at her to answer. She has no problem talking to her guy friends tho
8. Today when I got up to leave, I saw her tuck her hair behind her ear as I was walking in her direction to leave (we sit in rows so I had to walk in her direction to get out, I can see the side of her face when I do) (could also be a coincidence but there have been too many coincidences with her)


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  • No, those are not signs that she is into you.


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