Does he want me or his girlfriend more?

My friend of five years is in a relationship I stated I liked him a month into their relationship (not knowing at the time they were talking/together) he's been with her for only six months but ever since I told him I liked him he's hid the relationship from me he thinks I don't know obviously I do he recently came over they're still together and spent the night at my house let me kiss him lay up against him and cuddle him he also stayed over night slept with me under my covers stayed as long as he could the next morning and laughed at my jokes seemed to have a good time knowing how I feel about him, but two or three days after he left his girlfriend put up a pic of them on her page of them together saying six months with this loser (he didn't seem all that happy in it but he somewhat smiled) he deleted all there pics and their relationship status off of social media as soon as I told him I liked him before hand to hide it from me so I didn't know or maybe so he didn't hurt my feelings I guess it's confusing

What I wanna know is if he's trying to spare my feelings by hiding there relationship and letting me do all those things with him so I don't get upset and figure out the truth (he would go through this much to protect my feelings?) or if he isn't really interested in his relationship with her as much as she's interested in there relationship and wants out and is possibly interested in me?


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  • Your friend of five years sounds like an asshole. He came over to your place and let you kiss him and cuddle with him while he was still in a relationship with the other girl.
    If you eventually proceed on being in a relationship with him, what makes you think he won't do such stuff with another girl if the opportunity arises? He sounds weak-willed and not worthy of it.

    • He's not an asshole he's in his early twenties I don't expect him to be in a serious relationship rightnow with her or me cheating with a girl he's known forever over a girl he's only known for months is somewhat different and if he's protected my feelings and kept me by his side don't you think maybe he wants to be with me when he is ready? He's not weak willed and just because someone cheats once doesn't mean they will again it's taking a chance but if you really loved someone I'm sure you'd understand as I said again I don't think he's as serious about their relationship as she is regardless of wether I'm considered stupid I'll probably be by his side friend girlfriend or possible spouse until I die.

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