I'm shy. Should I ask him out via a note?

Okay, so I have a huge crush on this guy that works at the liquor store near my parents house. We are friendly enough and make casual small talk every time I come in, but there is still the customer/employee dynamic. I'm not sure if asking him out while he's working would be inappropriate or not? I am also extremely shy, so I feel like the only way I would feel comfortable enough to do it would be to leave a note. I know some people may think of that as childish/immature/whatever, but I am also an artist so I thought leaving him a small drawing with a note on the back would be a unique and interesting (maybe even cute?) way to do it.

The main reason I am having so much trouble working up the courage to do this is because my last relationship ended horribly and since then I have been extremely picky and wary about feeling vulnerable. This is the first guy I have had any real feelings for in over a year. I just feel like we click and I honestly think I would regret it if I didn't ask him out.

So my question is, should I leave him a note? If yes, what should it say?


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  • Just ask him. Leaving a note for him to read is cute & mysterious but if he doesn't know your name, he won't know who it came from. But if you bought something from the store & give him a note with your name, number and small message on it; that would be better. Write something small but not too long; just be like "hey, im *****. I know this is weird but I've been coming to your store for awhile now & i think you're really cute. I was hoping maybe we could go out sometime & get to know each other more if you'd like. Here's my number ***-***-****. Hmu sometime 😉" or something like that. Be creative & straight to the point. I bet he'd like that


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  • it's usually better not to ask during work mostly because it'll look bad for him and he'll most likely have to decline while a note isn't too bad it's better to ask in person try to see if u can catch him outside of work but if you can't you can leave a note leaving ur number so he has a way to contact you

    • Thanks for your reply. I figured as much. Since he works at a liquor store, he doesn't get off until at least midnight and I've never seen him outside of his place of work, so unfortunately it's the only possible time

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  • Don't do it via a note. Most notes get ignored and sometimes when people receive them, they assume that other people are making fun of them. You need to ask him to hang out directly.


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