Is the college FB QB out of my league please help friends?

I met one of the football QBs in our college lab class 2 years ago. He's basically my dream guy- driven, smart, respectable, hardworking, funny, attractive, but he's on the team and I'm just another student. We chatted, but haven't really spoken since. It was typically surface level stuff because awkward freshman me didn't understand flirting or the art of conversing. He's different from most of the other athletes I've watched in the classroom because he makes an effort to talk to professors, and genuinely spends his time in the class.
I've seen him around campus and wanted to speak to him but couldn't make the first move myself. I'm normally a strong independent woman but put me around bae and my mind turns to mush.
He and I are both on bumble so I know he's single- in both times where I've swiped right, I've had no notification that he swiped right so I don't think he finds me attractive.
What do I do? He's like 3rd in line for QB and I'm sick of wondering what if but I'm so fearful of this guy turning me down and feeling even worse. I don't know if I will find him on campus again but I'm at a loss as to what my next move should be.
Guys sepcifically: if you were the dude in this situation how could I make it less awkward as to not creep you out?
I'm a highly qualified girlfriend material- dual major, leader of a student organization, board member of a nonprofit to name a few- and I'm normally on the money as what what I should do, but I just don't know what's the best thing to do.
thanks in advance!!


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  • ask him out on a date. the worst thing that could happen is hin saying no, and you moving on with your life.

    • so how would you suggest approaching him? thanks for responding, by the way, I appreciate your help!!

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    • do I tell him why exactly I friended him or do I just start with a hey we had a class together, you were really cool and I noticed you in my suggestions and remembered how you made lab more fun?

    • 2nd one

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  • Well, just picking on you, but if you were really girlfriend material you should already have a boyfriend and backups ready. The hole QB thing has nothing to do with him being in your league or not. You should establish a line of communication first, you don't have to start with flirting right away just something that gets the door open. If I was the guy, just approach me ask me about some general college information that you need "help with" and then after wards ask for social media, so if you have other questions you can contact me.


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  • If he swiped right, you probably need to move on, since it means that he doesn't think you are his type.


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