Will I hurt my boyfriend if I?

Break up with him for no reason? Well, we have 9 months behind us and things are going perfectly. But I just couldn't study with so much emotional baggage. He's currently deployed but I don't feel it's right to break it over to him on the phone.
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  • Ya it's gonna hurt but you should discuss how you feel and your reasoning before breaking up with the poor guy. If he's deployed into an active war zone, the emotional distraction of you just suddenly breaking up with him might get him killed. For his sake, at least tell him what you've been thinking and give him a day or two to prepare himself mentally if you do decide to break up with him. Believe it or not, men do have feelings and we can feel heartbreak. Not to mention the stress of being deployed.

    • Glad I could help.

    • I actually have tried that once with a soldier. He threatened to commit suicide. Didn't end well, even if I gave him a couple of days to settle down. He was anxious and even did horribly on some tasks. I'm not sure about this marine. I don't know what to do, actually. All methods are painful. Even ghosting. I have promised to write to him as often as possible.

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  • U break up because u can't concentrate on your study? I don't think that it will help u concentrate
    If everything in your relationship is as perfect as u say u will miss him and all those things will cause a lot of drama that keeps u from studying too

    • I have no idea. Recently, I am just disgusted by the lack of empathy military men have. They shoot and kill animals without remorse. They also are brainwashed by the government to kill innocent people from 3rd world countries blindly without moral consciousness. I can't see myself holding a baby that would eventually kill innocent beings without remorse.

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    • Yeah. He's deployed and in the marines at the moment. I just feel uncomfortable in general but I don't want to hurt him.

    • Do what u feel is right

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