I'm getting tired of dating, found a guy I really liked?

So since most of my dating is guys I met online, I decided to date a lot of guys at the same time (not sleep around, just a lot of 1st dates). There was one guy I met and we plan on going on out very soon (he is out of state atm). If we click, which I already feel that we kind of did, I want to take my profile down. Its not longer fun for me, just a drag, I've had a couple dates, no chemistry. Thing is I made the mistake in my last relationship, giving up dating too soon. Suggestions?


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  • Go on the date with the guy & see if you guys click. If so, get to know him more & get a better understanding of what type of guy he is. But don't over think things or stress over if something that might not happen. If the date goes well, continue with it & see where it leads. Trust your feelings

  • Yea.. I've got one...
    regardless of how you look... meeting people face to face is way better. I can help you practice... just as long as you can promise me that you will stop the online shit... and actually learn how to walk up to someone and express interest.
    Online dating, its almost never just you (or one person)... but in the physical? more likely than not, you caught em off guard and its just you...
    Get my meaning?

    • I have met all the guys face to face.

    • well apparently you messed up somewhere...
      darling.. this whole thing is a game... and you hon, are playing an xbox game with a ps3 controller... it doesn't work that way...
      PM me and tell me the real story, i'll give you the real details then.

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  • Give him your number and proceed from there. Then delete your dating account.


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