Girls, would you date a guy like me?

I'm very kind, patient, open minded, and forgiving. I'm a great listener, not too picky on looks, feel I'm pretty smart, like being creative, and seem to have a nice sense of humor, but am modest.

I have epilepsy and OCD. These and the meds I take give side effects like forgetting most things really easily,(especially names and faces), am lazy and don't shower often enough, and lack the determination to do much of anything at all,(even things I used to love doing all the time), am always tired, still live with my family,(who I love, but still...), can't drive, and no job or college yet.
I also have very low self esteem, am super shy, have no friends, and am bad at starting conversations with anyone. I think I'm getting rather overweight, too...
(I think having a girlfriend would help with some of these things, though.)

I've never had a girlfriend in my entire life at just about 29, I'm a huge nerd about video games,(mostly RPGs like Zelda), a perfectionist, waiting until marriage for sex, and am a very indoors person.

Thanks for reading. Would you date someone like that, ladies?


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  • Grapefruit couldnt say it any better, and I would totally date you anonymous.

    You seem so much better than any of the guys that I have ever met. I've been in two relationships and I've been cheated on every single time. Its so painful to recover from those kind of breakups too and it does make you insecure. Thank you for being human and sharing your insecurities, it made me realize that I'm not a loser. Neither are you.

    I kind of wish I could meet you in real life and talk about everything. You are a very relatable person.


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  • Based on the description, I'd date you. I have a lot of issues and A LOT of it is the same as what you described. I want someone who will accept me. I wouldn't judge a man for things like that. Of course the goal would be for me and whatever man I'm with to heal and improve, but I would meet him at whatever point in his life he is stuck at and we'd work on it together. It is hard to find someone who won't judge in such a superficial world, but I exist and I'm sure there are other women like me.

  • Based on the description I couldn't date you because I'm too much of an outside person& I don't want to wait for marriage to have sex


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