Long distance boredom combined with anxiety ( lovely, I know)?

Hey there. So i've been in this long distance relationship for the past 6 months, and our road together has been a little bumpy. We had ups and downs, periods when our level of communication wasn't that high and we didn't feel so close to each other like we needed to, but we managed to sort things out and always got back to normal. But i feel like my stupid personality is getting in our way. I just realised i'm quite insecure and have trust issues and i overthink a lot, while he's pretty laid back and relaxed and it just seems like he doesn't care enough. I want commitment and stability and i don't know if he's willing to give me that, to put that much effort into me giving the distance between us. I don't know if he feels like i'm worth it or only sees me as something temporary until something real comes along. Giving my emoțional state and my crazy mind, i want to give him something to fight for, to keep the spark alive. I don't want him getting bored of me, so what can i do ți improve our communication? To make him feel close to me and want to fight for what we have. Don't get me wrong, he shows me he cares and plans on meeting me soon, but my overthinker insecure ass fears that our spark will fade away before we ever got the chance to meet and i'm really anxious
about it, it's destroying me. What advice do you have for my menthal health (i'm dead serious) and tips for maintaining my relationship fresh?


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  • Long distance relationships can be difficult to keep up with, I'm sorry you're dealing with these things. I was in one, and trust me, I know just where you're coming from.
    From what you've posted, I think it'd be best for you to work on yourself primarily. While you're in a long distance relationship, it can feel insecure at times, but maybe that feeling of not havng him there with you makes it worse, or maybe you're unhappy with things without being aware of it, which is possibly why your fears, doubts, etc are getting the better of you.
    It's a good sign you two have gotten through those bumps in the road.
    However, relationships are about communication, but they are about so much more than that. Since you two can only communicate (which gets hard, as keeping up with the discussions, keeping chats alive, etc. tend to dull down after a while) I think it'd be best for you two to do more.

    Maybe Skype and have a dinner date over the computer, or play some online games together. Even send him a silly video of yourself, or give him a tour showing him around your town, and show some of the things you enjoy doing. Bringing new things to the table will make you both feel closer, and keep interest in the relationship too, as well as get to learn more about one another.
    Plus, it could give you more to talk about, and bring some more effort into the conversations.

    But, if there's a reason you feel like the sparks are fading fast, and you feel yourself doubting the relationship more than accepting it, maybe it's time to reflect on yourself, and your life. It could be something you're just not ready for yet, or maybe you subconsiously feel it's not the right peson as his efforts don't feel like they are enough? Maybe these fears are your intuition giving you insite to how you're really feeling after these 6 months with this guy.

    Try those ideas mentioned above, and see if it helps you feel better once you two get talking more. He may, or may not be taking this relationship seriously, it's up in the air right now. Talk with him about these things, and maybe give him some insight on how you're feeling. See what he has to say, and hopefully he'll reassure you and work on getting over your insecurities together.
    I hope things workout for the best. Good luck to you!


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