There's this guy I've known for a month?

We get on well as we have the same sense of humor. Sometimes when he doesn't hear from me he asks where I've been, & im usually busy. But why does he always ask this? He replies to my texts straight away. I mean I'm not complaining, plus I've only met him once within the month as he was ill the other times... plus I asked him if he goes back on the dating site and he made some excuse up saying he was checking my likes and dislikes, which was a lie as he didn't view my profile. But I know he goes on there sometimes, then he asked me if I did, I said yeah but I'm going to delete it and he was like good I don't want other guys talking too you! I asked him if he talks to any other girls and he said no only his friends. He said I need to trust him. Can I though?


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  • Nope. He is obviously lying and he's currently talking with other chicks as well.


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  • No this guy sounds controlling. You've known him a month and he seem as if he is entitled to know where you should be when you are not talking to him. He thinks that you shouldn't be talking to other guys and you have only seen him once. You can talk to whoever you want.


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