Why is my crush acting so strange?

Im gonna try to keep it as short as possible lol!
So, long story short. there's this guy that i have a crush on. We used to have a class together, but now i dont see him as much.
Sidenote: He used to always stare at me and give slight hints that he was interested in me.
Anyways I've been stalking his instagram for like a year (weird, i know) before i mustered up the confidence to follow him. Before i followed him, i realized that he never changed his instagram. His name, number of pictures, and bio has been the same for a WHOLE YEAR!
But a few hours after i followed him, he deleted most of his pictures, changed his name, bio and started rapidly (just a few lol) uploading pictures of his face (which he never did before), but he never followed me back!
I dont understand this, why change up all of a sudden & why not follow me back? I really thought he liked me, but now im not so sure.
What would you think is going on?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Probably trying to show off his face, but even guys can't figure some of the dudes out there

    • Yeah, because you guys are confusing, even too confusing for eachother XD lolol. And i know, i was thinking that he was trying to show off his face, but it was literally a few hours after i followed him, so he either did it because of me or it was just a strange coincidence, I don't know.

    • Probably a conidence but I don't know

  • that guy sounds very fishy to me


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd assume it's completely irrelevant to it.


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