Do guys think its awkward to get tasteful nudes?

So I've known this guy low key since I was ten. My mom coaches a snowboarding team and I had a huuugee crush on him when he was a freshman. Fast forward a little over a decade. Him and I had been talking for a few weeks. There was a significant back and forth. Though i always text him first. He grows 215 in california (pretty close to where I live) and just last week got back from a festival. he's flirted with me blantantly and implied going and doing things together and told me to come visit him on his property. I talked to him last at the airport about a week ago. And he was all for me going up there to hang out. But ever since then I haven't heard anything. I messaged him once since asking if he was enjoying being back home and he never replied. he's been online too. I want to send a tasteful nude just to try ans grab his attention. Is this a bad idea? If so should I just let it go? I do feel like he may be busy with his plants and not necessarily ignoring me on purpose. What can I say to grab his attention? Help!


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  • Don't send the nude.
    It will be like u r an easy girl. U r just not thinking right. It's all hormones and emotions in control XD try to snap out of it and be who u really r. He will fall for that.

    And it's very possible he is not ignoring u. If he did incite u to his house these are possible scenarios :

    1- he is an asshole want to use u and just want sex
    2- he really see u as friend that's why he casually invited u to hangout
    3- he like u and hay was like checking the waters before one day he get the balls to ask u out.

    • 4- he just asked u to come by coz he like u and want to see u normal =.=! But don't know why didn't try to ask u out maybe coz u 2 didn't meet before for a while so he didn't feel it's right to do is

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  • You never know where your nude might end up, but do whatever you want. He doesn't seem to be that into you though and if I were you I would forget about him


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  • Sure you can send it, but I'd ask his permission first

  • would you feel happy if he might send you a pic like this during Summer, to show you his tan?

    • haha you got shocked looool

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