Do you consider yourself a player? Or the exact opposite?

It's the internet, no need to boost your ego with lies. So just be honest beoble!


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  • Sort of. I will flirt with people while I'm not interested in a relationship. But I'm very honest about it. If anyone asks me I wil tel them bluntly that I don't want a relationship. But flirting is as far as it goes.

    • So an honest player. Cause a real player makes everyone think they got something going on when in fact he/she are just having fun.

    • Yes exactly. I'm openly a flirt. One of the girls who I would flirt with is aware of it. All is good. 😊

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  • Not at all 😭😭😭

    • Would you wanna be a player?

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    • The fact that you've been using people for your own amusement. Aka being a player.

    • It would have an effect.
      No doubt.

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