What's going on with this girl?

She's a really good friend of mine, and I really like her. Recently I told her about a bad experience I had with a girl (who said yes to going out with me and then left me for a girl two hours later; she told me she was bi). Anyway, I told her about this (jokingly) and said "I need a hug." She hugged me and said "you're an awesome guy. I'm sure you'll find a girl." So I realized then that I really wanted to be with her. I had a crush on her before but it was then I realized I really, really wanted her. So later that night I asked her out and she said any girl would be lucky to have me, but she wasn't looking to date right now. I said I understood.
The next day I texted her to make sure everything was good. I said: "Hey we're good, right? You're too good a friend for yesterday to make stuff awkward. That'd be stupid : )"
She replied by telling me that, yes, everything's good, and that maybe we could go to dinner or a movie sometime. So, what exactly is going on? Did she change her mind? Does she actually want to go out with me?


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  • maybe, she probably wants to take it slow for both you and her


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