If your boyfriend told you he would be with a girl that he's "friends" with if he wasn't with you. What would you do?


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  • Id be pretty upset. Especially if its a close friend of his. Id tell him go be with her then! Why would he even tell you this?

    • Its one thing to think a friend of the opposite gender is good looking... but to actually consider being with them while in a relationship... not cool.

    • She was texting him and was asking to go out because she thought we had broken up. And he had told her that we hadn't and he told her that if he wasn't with me he would have already been with her. And he told me that he told her that.

    • Wow... I don't know id be pretty mad. Id feel like I'm in the way of them being together...

  • It would definitely be very upsetting to hear that. I wouldn't be entirely comfortable with him being friends with her after knowing that.


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