Supposed to meet date at 5pm- it's 4:00 and now answer from him.. what do I do?

We confirmed the day before we are meeting at 5 or 6pm. It's 4pm and he hasn't texted me. Usually he does. Should I send one last text asking are we still on? Give it 10 minutes and if nothing should I just go home?

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  • Don't waste your time if he doesn't text back to confirm.

    • What kind of text should I send to see if he is even showing up?

    • Just ask him if he's confirmed. If he doesn't show, tell him that your time is valuable, and it's rude to stand you up like that. He needs to know that you respect yourself.

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  • Text, "since you didn't get back to me, I have made other plans." And say nothing else for at least two weeks. If he's still trying to talk to you, make him apologize and make it up to you.

    • Yeah I mean I asked him to eat with me.
      I didn't give the address. Should I ask him did you need the address or do you need to cancel so I can know to go home or not?

    • No. Just the words I said. That's all.

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  • I'd say give it until 5:00, since that's the time you actually made the plan for.

    • He just responded let's do 6 b. He apologized because he just got home from running errands... but I don't know that's dragging it out and wasting my time even more. I don't know if I should believe him or not.

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    • Yeah. He's not texting back again now. I'm literally going until 5:30. Then I'm going home if I don't hear because he's playing games now and I don't do that.

    • Definitely don't stand for that.

  • Well to be fair most people work all day. If you don't hear anything by 5:30 then I'd be concerned.

    • He gets off at 3:30 but he always replies by this time for the past 3 weeks. I highly doubt something happened now. What text should I send?

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    • He's semi ghosting. We just made plans and now he's not responding.. I don't like this. I'm just going to go home then. -_-

    • How did that turn out for you?

  • always recheck day of to see if you are still on. at least an hour before

  • To clarify, you texted him already and he hasn't responded? Or has neither of you said anything?

    • So here's how it went. We said we would eat food at 5 or 6pm. I texted him what time he wanted to meet. He said 6- sorry he has to run errands and just got home.
      We just canceled food plans and we are trying to find a bar in his city now...